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Durham, Orange, and Person Counties

Ambassadors For Change

The mission of The Salvation Army is ‘meeting needs without discrimination.’ The Salvation Army of Durham|Orange|Person Counties is committed to doing this through three avenues, ‘Meeting Needs, Empowering Independence and Serving Each Other.’  All of these statements begin with change.  Whether it is changing the atmosphere a child spends their afternoons in through The Boys and Girls Club or a change for the better in someone’s financial situation through the services offered through our Social Services Department, all progress comes from some form of change. 

We believe our volunteers are more than the title ‘volunteer’ conveys.  We believe volunteers are ambassadors, or ‘an authorized representative or messenger.’ Ambassadors are instrumental in helping us deliver quality programs and experiences for the members of our community we serve.  You are authorized, and you are a messenger, acting as an extension of The Salvation Army staff and, ultimately, an extension of our mission.  Ambassadors serve as the catalysts that bring about the most productive, long-term change.  Our ultimate goal is not to hold our neighbors hands, but to walk beside them, provide a support system and equip them to continue their uphill climb.

We like to look at the time you spend ‘volunteering’ with the Salvation Army as an investment in the future of the individuals we serve.  It is through change that we can help our neighbors achieve growth and growth promotes empowerment, which encourages independence.



Ambassador Opportunities:

Media Coordinator - Are you a PR, Journalism or Marketing major looking for a chance to test your skills?  This is the perfect opportunity for you!  We are in need of someone who is passionate about writing and media to act as a liaison between us and the media to help with promotional activities.

Food Pantry Director - The food pantry director will work alongside the Volunteer Coordinator to oversee the operations of the food pantry.  The director will make sure there are enough bags prepared, and if not, will either make them or ask one of the volunteers to make the bags.  The director will also oversee the state of the food pantry, is it clean, does food need to be sorted, etc.  *May serve as an internship opportunity.

University Representative - We are looking for students from UNC, Duke and NCCU to promote The Salvation Army on your campus.  You can start a club, promote volunteer opportunities through social media or create a group of students who are interested in volunteering.  We would love to have a presence on your campus, and it would be a great opportunity for you to be the founder of an organization!

Event Planning Internship - The Salvation Army has several events throughout the year that require careful planning and development.  If you’re interested in event planning, this is a great opportunity to see the non-profit side of event planning.  Information will be provided on how we create beautiful events through sponsors, donations, fundraising and many other routes within the community.

Recognition Coordinator - Volunteers are a very important part of The Salvation Army.  They act as an extension of our staff and serve as a key component to the promotion of our mission.  That’s a pretty important job!  We are looking for a student who has a passion for recognition and hospitality to help us share with our volunteers just how much they mean to us.  Be it through a birthday cupcake, or a personalized name badge!

Office Assistant - We are always in need of various administrative tasks that really keep the organization running, such as thank you cards, filing, organizing and greeting visitors.

Blog Specialist - Are you passionate about writing?  We have several blogging opportunities for you!  This is a home based internship, with one article every two to three weeks.  We are looking for someone interested in blogging who is able to think outside the box.

Public Affairs – If you’re interested in how The Salvation Army interacts with the community and you would like to interview people, this is a great opportunity for you.  Dig into what makes people passionate about the work we do.  Interview volunteers, donors, clients, etc.

Program Spokesperson – If you’re a good public speaker then this is a wonderful way for you to get involved.  We are looking for eloquent, professional individuals to go through our training and speak on our behalf at various civic group meetings throughout the community.

Social Media Specialist – This would be perfect for a PR or Marketing individual.  We are looking for someone to help us create a strategic communication plan for our social media outlets and how we can optimize those venues to attract the most traffic.

Fitness Instruction – We are looking for someone to teach any type of fitness class one day during the week to people in our community.  We want to provide an outlet for people to receive free fitness classes so they can begin their journey to health.  We are open to any type of fitness that does not require equipment!