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Durham, Orange, and Person Counties

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The Salvation Army Corps Officers

Name Title     Phone (ext.) Email
Captain Anthony Juliana        Commanding Officer              919-680-7306 ext. 102  
Captain Elizabeth Juliana Corps Officer 919-680-7306 ext. 103


The Salvation Army Staff

Name  Title Phone (ext.) Email
Debbie Avolin                           Director of Social Services     919-688-7306 ext. 111
Martin Banning Development Director 919-688-7306 ext. 107
Tracey Bragg Data Entry Specialist 919-688-7306 ext. 105
Tiffany Tyler Volunteer Coordinator 919-688-7306 ext. 112                        
Maria Reyes Janitor  919-688-7306  
Phyllis Ellis Human Resource Director 919-688-7306 ext. 101
Yvonne Molina Case Manager 919-688-7306 ext. 113
Mary Moore Accountant 919-688-7306 ext. 104


Boys and Girls Club Staff

Name Title Phone                            Email
Joshua Dorsette                         Executive Director                  919-682-7842
Gregory Lewis Program Director  919-682-7842
Jessica Locke Program Aide 919-682-7842  
Bethany Ester Youth Outreach Coord. 919-682-7842
Morris Johnson Athletic Director 919-682-7842  
Maria Reyes Sexton 919-682-7842  
Quantre Via Program Aide 919-682-7842  


The Salvation Army Thrift Store Staff:

Name Title Phone Email
Fany Balobo Warehouse Helper                 919-384-7130                       
Charles Paul Bruckschen         Warehouse Helper 919-384-7130   
Annette Daymon Assistant Manager 919-384-7130
Ghodard Diavangama Store Manager  919-384-7130 
Kevin Dowd Truck Driver  919-384-7130   
Stephanie McMillian Cashier/Sorter  919-384-7130   
Pamela Noah Cashier  919-384-7130   
Frances Perkins Warehouse Assistant  919-384-7130   
Mary Pilgrim Warehouse Assistant 919-384-7130