Sunday School

The Salvation Army adheres to the truths of the Bible. Lessons are taught from the Old and New Testaments, every Sunday beginning at 9:30 am. We start with our Sign Ministry. We simply offer hugs to anyone that would like to share some warmth on an otherwise cold morning while experiencing the love of Jesus Christ. This is how we meet our neighbors. Later,  we have bible classes for Men, Women, Men & Women, Seniors and children of all ages. There is a spot waiting for you.


Holiness Meeting

This is the name given to the Sunday morning worship service. The emphasis is on how the Christian can live both in devotion to God and in service to mankind.  The idea here is to apply Biblical principles, to every day life and experience the presence of God through community life and worship. Join us every Sunday morning in our Chapel at 11:00am. We have a unique worship style. We have some traditional hymn music accompanied by piano and 13 piece Brass Band. We also have some electric contemporary selections. There's something for everybody....including you.


Salvation Meeting

This is the name given to the Sunday night evangelistic service. This is where everybody has a voice. Those who want to have an opportunity to share a testimony, a story, a blessing from the Lord or even a song, have the opportunity to speak and participate. The emphasis here is community life through participation.  Meetings take place every Sunday night at 6:30 pm in our chapel.


Bible Study

This is our Wednesday mid-week service. We focus on discipleship, community life and small group Bible study using versy-by-verse reading and interraction with each other. It is informal so come as you are. After Bible study we dismiss into Youth Groups, Men's Fellowship Club and Women's "Catch the Joy" fellowship. We end with light refreshments....and a hug.


Corps Cadets

This is a five year Bible and leadership course for young people grades 7 and up. Written lessons and monthly testing are required.  You will find teenagers engaged in this bi-weekly meeting on Sunday afternoons after lunch at 1:30 pm. This is where the young people are discipled and learn how to be vocal and proactive in their Faith through printed materials and mentoring and regular participation in Church and outreach opportunities.


Junior Soldiers

This is a Bible study, leadership, and the Salvation Army history program for young people ages 7-13.  Children meet every Sunday 11:30am. 

There is something for everybody. Whether you want to learn, to grow, to serve or just explore, we would love to come along side you on your journey. Join us for any of these opportunities during the week and you will feel at home. Thanks for looking.